Mensch du Vieh



Mensch du Vieh / Man you beast

Graphic Design, diplom work with special mention by the jury

Advertising, Identity, Research, Visual Communication

Mensch du Vieh is an information campaign aimed at increasing public awareness about the use of animal resources in our modern world. In its unobtrusive acknowledgement and without pointing any fingers, the central object consists of a weekly calendar with closed Japanese binding that leaves some content hidden. Each week a page can be opened to reveal one objective fact supported by statistics, combined with an ironic illustration.
The all too human eagerness of discovering the hidden content increases the awareness for the subject. The calendar format brings the subjects directly inside the home and work place of the users, enabling a personal questioning about the daily attitude and providing ample basis for discussion.
The calendar contains stickers and postcards to allow an online discussion on the website and blog through guerrilla distribution. The campaign is supported by illustrated posters, complemented only by onomatopoeias and guerrilla distribution. The project consists of an agenda, posters, merchandise and an online discussion platform.

Serge Orru, general director of WWF France

Prof. Dipl.-Des. Claudia Grönebaum
Dipl.-Des. Paul Plattner-Wodarczak