Anaïs Edely is a French-German artist, designer and performer.

After obtaining a diploma in illustration at the prestigious Ecole Estienne in Paris, she moved to Germany to study graphic design at the Münster University of Applied Sciences. She graduated in 2010 with special mention of the jury. Since then she lives and works freelance in Berlin with short stops in London at the Nobrow publishing house as well as the K2 Screen silkscreen print studio, and in Leipzig at the Buchkinder (book-kids).


Her elegant and distinctive illustrations are commissioned by clients that are looking to get off the beaten path of mainstream illustration. The forms range from book illustration to music carriers and magazine illustrations. Anaïs furthermore develops her own illustration projects, building upon fresh and expressive sketches as well as poetic story telling.

Graphic Design

As a freelancer she works with the graphic teams of her regular clients as much as art directing specific assignments for individuals, institutions, local business and associations. Using her skills in illustration and passion for typography together with her sensitivity for innovative communication strategies, she creates answers tailored to each single project. Her designs are accessible to anyone, yet they amaze even graphic design professionals in their simplistic elegance supported by the most wonderful details.


The practical foundation for organising illustration workshops was laid at a year-long practicum at the Buchkinder (book-kids) in Leipzig, several sketch festivals and many tailored workshops. Over the years she collected workshop experience ranging from visual communication to sketching in schools, the outdoor and museums. Addressing all ages with visual games and hands-on experience, target groups include children as well as youngsters and adults.

Live Sketching

Experienced in visualizing brainstorms and conferences through live sketching, Anaïs started with visual facilitation in 2012. By transferring ideas into playful images she firmly plants them in the collective memory and facilitates documentation.


Anaïs’ idea to take projections sketched in real-time to the stage became reality when she met pantomime Tashina Mende in 2013. The duo combines their supplementary skills in thoroughly poetic shows. Besides these Anaïs performs solo on parties and events, combining live-sketching with photographic backgrounds and Tagtool for live animations.